why office center ?

10 reasons for choosing the Lugano-Manno Office Center

1.         Strategic location
2.         Modern complex
3.         Direct contact with the landlord
4.         Flexible leases, including for short periods
5.         Immediately operational
6.         Zero maintenance costs
7.         Reduced fixed costs
8.         Business networking, professional relationships & opportunities
9.         High - Tech facilities
10.         Additional services such as meeting rooms, parking for visitors, restaurants etc.


What makes relocating to the Canton of Ticino so attractive?

  • Certainty of the legal system and simplicity of proceedings
An efficient legislative and judicial system saving time and facilitating all administrative formalities.
Establishing of Companies including those with a modest capital.

  • Modest fiscal pressure
Reduced taxation as an incentive for entrepreneurs who form new companies under the "Copernico" Project.
A VAT rate of 8%.

  • Public infrastructure and services
The Canton of Ticino offers an excellent range of services with a dense network of reliable and on-time public transport and a health system amongst the best in the world guaranteeing peace of mind and safety.
It is a peaceful community with low crime rates.

  • Excellent quality of life
The Canton of Ticino offers an optimum logistics base, with many opportunities for international events and encounters.
The city of Lugano, its lake and the temperate climate throughout the year affords one an easy, well organized lifestyle.
200’000 sqm of surface built since 1980, the year in which Silvio Tarchini gave the “la” for his first industrial centre in Mezzovico.

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