Tenuta Tarchini

Tenuta Tarchini
“Tenuta Tarchini” is located close to the ancient “Borgo di Coldrerio” on a sunny slope and next to the vineyards. It is a residential complex composed of a villa of the early 1900’s, renamed “Residenza Bolghetto” and of the residences “Bolgo 1, 2, 3”, being one farmhouse and two restructured country houses.

They include rental apartments of 2 ½ up to 4 ½ rooms. The buildings’ restructuring program had the objectives of maintaining the architectural characteristics with historical relevance and of modernizing the interior, adapting it to the current housing-necessities. Furthermore the “Tenuta Tarchini” offers many shared green areas as well as private gardens in order to satisfy the desire for calm outdoor-enjoyment, typical of a rural life style.

The complex extends on an arboreal surface. Its main part is occupied by a vineyard and the remaining green area will be partly common to the residential complex and partly meant for private gardens. Vehicles will access the property from the municipal road, which leads to a driveway that splits into two smaller lanes. One of them will take you to the “Residenza Bolghetto”, the other to the “Bolgo 1, 2, 3”. The “Bolgo 1, 2, 3” also dispose of a separate pedestrian entrance.

The “Tenuta Tarchini” permits its residents to live in an environment that is perfectly integrated into a relaxing territory, immersed in the green and with a moderately temperate climate all year round.

Tenuta Tarchini
Via Bolghetto
CH-6877 Coldrerio
from 2½ to 4½ Rooms
Sizes of the apartments:
from 43 to 122 smq
Numero edifici
4 unit:
• Residenza "Bolghetto" (A)
• Residenza "Bolgo 1" (B)
• Residenza "Bolgo 2" (C)
• Residenza "Bolgo 3" (D)
each apartment of the Tenuta Tarchini is provided with:
• kitchen
• appliances
• Washer-dryer column

bathroom equipment:
• WC
• single or double sink
• glass shower
• fully equipped
• Residenza "Bolghetto" --------
3 floors
• Residenza "Bolgo 1"
2 floors
• Residenza "Bolgo 2"
2 floors
• Residenza "Bolgo 3"
2 floors
Ancillary services:
each apartment has a private cellar
Parking spaces:
each apartment has a parking area for the exclusive use
Heating system:
air to water heat pumps that provide also water; sanitary hot water, while the distribution of heat takes place via coils in the floor.
Tax multiplier:
400 m from Berning’s Bar
450 m from San Giorgio Restaurant
Postal office
300 m from the postal office
750 m from the supermarket
Railway station
2.5 km from the Mendrisio and Balerna FFS train station
Bus stop
700 m from the "Coldrerio Paese" bus stop
3 km from Mendrisio and Chiasso-Balerna highway exit
450 m from Elementary School
500 m from Banca Raiffeisen
500 m from sports field
750 m from Farmacia Giardino
13 km from the Como city centre
22 km from the Lugano city centre
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