Furnished Offices

Centro Galleria 2 - Va Cantonale 2c, CH - 6928 Manno


The offices offices within our Office Center can be completely furnished, equipped with heating and cooling systems, available immediately and with sizes ranging from 17 to 60 sqm. These spaces are perfectly adaptable and can be personalized according to your activity. The Office Center in Manno, in the district of Lugano, is located inside the Centro Galleria 2 building, in a strategic position with access to the main cantonal road and a couple of hundred meters from the highway exit.
These office spaces offer extreme flexibility and can be tailor made according to the specific functions and needs of your business. Further advantages are provided by the presence of services such as restaurants, bars, conference rooms, fitness centers, a bus stop, a carwash and more.
The Office Center spaces don’t require any start-up costs and have low management fees: this is why picking this place as your office is the ideal solution if you are planning to found a start-up, if you have a growing business, or if you are looking for a temporary office. The multiple social areas, food and lounge areas, meeting rooms, and coworking spaces will help facilitate the establishment of a solid and fruitful network. Furthermore, you can take advantage of an advanced digital archiving system thanks to the synergy with Bancadati.ch (the biggest data center in Ticino) as well as of a connection of the highest speed thank to providers offering an IPv4 and IPv6 internet transit. 
Alongside 966 parking spaces (of which 220 indoors) and an internal garage that can be opened with a remote, the Office Center also provides restaurants, bars, conference rooms (that can hold from 12 to 100 people), a fitness center, a bus stop, a carwash and many other services.

No start-up costs, reduced management costs.
Minimum contract term of 6 months, one month notice.

External and internal parking spaces available:
External parking space: CHF 80.- per month
Internal parking space: CHF 120.- per month


Railway station


500 m from Lugano Nord motorway exit



Furnished offices
Strategic location
No start-up fees
Low management fees
Tax multiplier: 65%


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